QUIZ: Which fictional work wives are you and your IRL work wife?

Because work mates > other mates.

By: Emily Kerr

Anyone with a work wife will vouch for the fact that hanging with her is the best thing about going to the office. In fact, you spend more time with them than pretty much anyone, meaning work wives often turn into better friends than IRL mates. So getting yourself one is some legit career advice we’d offer up to anyone.

Science has even proven that having good friends at work makes you better at your job and is better for your general health and happiness.

According to a study called ‘Does fun promote learning?’, when people are friends with their colleagues, they’re more likely to share ideas and information, resulting in an informal learning system that benefits everyone.

“When employees are afforded opportunities to socialise with one another, higher-quality relationships are more likely to develop, which can open the door for the exchange of ideas,” said Michael J. Tews, the lead author of the paper, which was published in the Journal of Vocational Behavior earlier this year.

Another study out of Curtin University claims that who you work with matters more than what you earn.

But obviously no two work wives are the same. So which are you and your office bestie? Put off work for just a second and do this quiz to find out. Because as we’ve proven above, nurturing this relationship could well help you kick all kinds of career goals.