'Bachelor in Paradise' couple Keira Maguire and Jarrod Woodgate are still a thing, just FYI

The hopes of a nation are on their shoulders.

By: Jess Pullar

As nasty allegations about the relationship of former Bachelor in Paradise sweethearts Tara Pavlovic and Sam Cochrane emerge, it would be easy to feel like there's no hope left for love in the world.

But you guys, the world's most unexpected lovers, Keira Maguire and Jarrod Woodgate, are still together four months after the show ended and they require/deserve our full attention.

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Not only are they still an item, they've gone full country together and it's a sight to behold. In a recent Instagram story posted by Keira, they're strolling together at Jarrod's family vineyard in Victoria.

And Keira was serving hardcore rural chic, in keeping with her beau's rustic day job. Meanwhile, Jarrod was ACTUALLY CARRYING AN AXE AND A CHAINSAW. At the same time. This has very quickly become a country music video.


In the video, Keira asked Jarrod what he's holding, to which Jarrod jokingly replied "chainsaw, axe… standard day at the office".

They then proceeded to drive along a dirt road to the sound of Tyga's hit 'Taste', a juxtaposition so beautiful and perfect we don't really know what else to say about it.

Can we get these two a farm-themed reality spin-off show in which Jarrod does manual labour and Keira stands around appropriately dressed but confused and slightly irritated?!?


After striking up a heated romance on Bachelor in Paradise, which aired earlier this year, the couple's relationship has progressed quickly with Keira relocating to Melbourne to be closer to Woodgate.

Hopes are high for an engagement and then rustic wedding among the hay bales, particularly after the pair sported matching rings in an Instagram post Kiera shared on Jarrod's birthday. She was quick to shut down the rumours writing, "We are defs not married."

Wedding or no wedding, there's no denying this adorable couple are making our hearts melt. As for Tara and Sam's ongoing feud, we'll just keep referring back to these guys / watch The Notebook for the 1000th time, just to keep things real.

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