Bella Hadid responds to those Drake dating rumours

The rapper's latest album seems to hint at a relationship

Drake's latest album drop, 'Scorpion' sees him rap about an infatuation he has with a nameless fashion figure; a person many fans speculate to be none other than one Bella Hadid.

For many fans the track, 'Finesse' seems to hint at a relationship with the 21-year-old when he spits lyrics like:

More telling, Drizzy also drops a sibling reference when he raps,"You and your sister/Too hot to handle"—soooooo that sister = Gigi Hadid, right?

Well, not so fast...

Catching wind of the speculation Bella has taken to Twitter to quash the reports she and the Canadian rapper were ever a thing.

Beneath a post wondering just how many famous women the 31-year-old had been romantically linked with the Victoria's Secret model tweeted: "Not me!!! That's disrespectful. WHY CAN'T PEOPLE BE FRIENDS WITHOUT all the insinuation?"

But, arguably, this Bella drama—Bella btw is now reportedly back with her on-again-off-gain ex, The Weeknd—is small biscuits compared to the HUGE/MASSIVE/GIGANTIC album reveal that the Drake has a fathered a son with former adult star turned painter, Sophie Brussaux.

He confirms the 8-month-old baby boy is his on the Mariah Carey-sampled song, Emotionless where he says, "Look at the way we live/I wasn't hiding my kid from the world, I was hiding the world from my kid."

This is just one of several references he makes about his child and baby mama on the 25-track record.