No joke, Blake Lively shares one of her nudes in her new movie

Well, sort of.

By: Susannah Guthrie

Blake Lively and Cosmo cover girl Anna Kendrick's new movie, A Simple Favour, is properly cooked in the best way possible.

You can read about the plot here, but essentially it features raucous sexual references, bizarre black humour and an oil painting of Blake COMPLETELY NUDE, captured from "muff up" (her words, not mine).

Yes, you read that correctly. Where am I? Is this 2018? If so, I am here for it.

The painting hangs on the wall of the home owned by Emily Nelson, Blake's character, who is a terrifying, beautiful, confusing queen of a human being.

Side note: Having your own nudes on the wall of your home is a big mood.

Blake spoke to ELLE Australia about how that portrait came to be and where it is now and, oh boy, is it a ripping yarn (sorry, I just became Russell Coight and I apologise).

"I insisted on that painting," she explained. "It was a different painting before but ... [the original] was a little Dungeons and Dragons, a little cosplay, it wasn't comedy or a serious portrait so it felt like we were being literal. I thought if we're going to do this, we really need to push it."

Blake's idea of pushing it was to channel photographer Helmut Newton, who was famous for his strong, sexy nudes in the 1980s. She said she started doing some research about his work and found a picture she thought was PERFECT.

And then, ladies and gentleman, she legitimately used the phrase "from muff up". For evidence that this occurred, please watch the below video:

I'm sweating.

When I tell you, dear reader, that this oil painting is a lot, please believe me. If you need further evidence, THIS is the original photograph she's talking about.

Of course, a painting like that would be hot property for any creepy fans out there, so Blake made sure to get it locked away ASAP, meaning it's most likely the focal point in Ryan Reynolds' office now.

"A month ago is I thought, 'Where is that painting now?'" Blake said. "I asked for it so I could hide it, and I got it and hid it. I hid it in front of my fireplace."

Blake honestly doesn't get enough credit for her sense of humour.