Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds FREAK OUT over hearing their daughter's voice at Taylor Swift's show

This is so cute, I can't.

By: Mehera Bonner

Remember when Taylor Swift released "Gorgeous" and everyone realised she'd used the adorable voice of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' daughter James at the beginning? Well, in the best follow-up story ever, Blake and Ryan hit up Taylor's concert on Saturday night and lost all their chill when the song came on.

A fan shared video of the pair at the show, and not only did Blake and Ryan record Taylor's performance, they start recording each other, and then completely flipped their shit when they realised what song was about to be performed.

Honestly, this person's reaction to the video says it all:

And fun fact: the girl hugging Blake is none other than Gigi Hadid, who basically spent the evening dancing, screaming, and otherwise freaking out while Blake and Ryan cuddled. And speaking of said cuddling, it's really, really, really cute:

Let's all listen to "Gorgeous" now, shall we?

Via: Cosmopolitan US