Brody Jenner just spoke out about Caitlyn skipping his wedding


By: Mahalia Chang

Brody Jenner got hitched to his long-term girlfriend, Kaitlynn Carter, last weekend. The lavish island wedding reportedly had fireworks, dancing 'til 4am and spectacular ocean views.

But one thing the big day was missing was Caitlyn Jenner.

Jenner was noticeably absent from the wedding, explaining that she had "last-minute work commitments."

But it seems like Brody wasn't thrilled about her skipping out.

"It was a big disappointment," Brody told PEOPLE. "Especially considering that she had known about the wedding for a year."

Although he was 'disappointed,' apparently Brody 'wasn't surprised' by the decision.

"I wasn't surprised," he said. "I'm pretty used to her doing that sort of thing."

But Caitlyn wasn't the only Jenner family member that didn't make the trip over to attend the wedding. Brody revealed before the wedding that his half-sisters, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, "never even RSVP'd".

"We sent them an invite but we never heard back," he said of Kylie and Kendall, "I would have loved to have had them there."

Despite the no-shows on the day, it seems like Brody and Kaitlynn still had one hell of a night.