Bruce Bogtrotter from Matilda looks WAY different now

Another dorky child star who's nabbing our attention.

When we first saw that terrifying cake eating scene with Ms Trunchbull, we felt nauseous. Our puny childhood selves never wanted choccie cake again, or for one week at the very least.

But this time when you see Bruce Bogtrotter you might be feeling woozy for another reason...

He's a bit cute now.

30-year-old Jimmy Karz has shed the kilos, looking worlds away from when he appeared in Matilda as a 12-year-old.

Image: @WATNCelebrity

Image via Facebook (2011)

When you hear what he's been up to since you might fancy him a little more...

After nabbing a guest role on ER in the late '90s he decided to pick up the stethoscope for realsies.

In the last few years he's been busy in medical school. During this time he was also making ends meet as a research assistant and tutor.

He's also been in touch with his iconic childhood role when he attended the Matilda reunion. Here he is re-enacting that horrific scene. We can handle it now.

Even some of his Matilda co-stars had a thing or two to say about his transformation.

Rhea Perlman, the actress who played Matilda's "You chose books, I chose looks" mum said: “The biggest surprise was Bruce Bogtrotter, who was the fat kid eating all the cake, and this kid is now gorgeous, thin and he is studying to be an osteopath. I was like, ‘Wow, Brucie go!'”

Here's to many more Bruce Bogtrotter and Neville Longbottom-like transformations to come!

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