Cam from 'The Bachelorette' reveals what he knows about Matty J being the next Bachelor

As well as everything else he's been up to.

By: Jessica Chandra

Cam Cranley, the lovable fireman from Georgia Love’s season of The Bachelorette, was one of our faves. He had an epic Disney-themed date with Georgia and was so nervous about making smooth moves on her that naturally we were devo when he was eliminated. Everyone just wanted him to be HAPPY, you know?

Well, we caught up with Cam this week and learned that he’s in a good place – and not just because he scored a partnership with Magnum. (#FreeIceCream.) Cam was in Sydney this week for the launch event of Magnum Red Velvet, which meant he spent Valentine’s Day meeting fans and eating ice cream at the Magnum Red Velvet Singles Couch, which is a pretty sweet gig if you ask us. (A second event will take place this Saturday at Coogee Beach, but soz, Cam has gone back to Perth.)

When we spoke with Cam we found out whether he’s dated anyone since leaving the show, how he feels about being Georgia and Lee Elliott’s third wheel, and whether he knows if Matty J is the next Bachelor or not. You’ll only find out if you keep reading.

How are you going?

Really well! I’m pretty sick of travelling [laughs], but it’s good fun. I’ve been busy – super, super busy. It’s like juggling two different lives together. I’ve got my firefighter life, and then I’ve gotta do events in Perth, so you might find yourself at a bushfire one minute, and four hours later you could be at a premiere of an event. It’s really, really cool, and so contrasting. At work I’m just one of the guys, I’m getting dirty and I have to pull my weight, and the next thing you know it’s VIP at an event.

How did the activation go in Sydney?

It went really well! I was dreading the entire time that no one would rock up, and it would be just me sitting awkwardly on the Singles Couch by myself, but in the end it was really good. We had a huge turnout, and everyone was being really cheery and happy. And some people even knew who I was, which was great. I was worried it would be one of those things like, “Oh, free ice cream, I’m there! Who’s this guy who has to be in the photos?” It was really flattering in the end – some people were like, “I had to come say hi, it’s really nice to meet you.” It’s still bizarre to me that people are interested in me. It’s such a whirlwind from six months ago, or whenever before the show was. I’m still me, and I’m still a normal guy.

How’d you get involved with Magnum?

They reached out to me. They pitched the idea to me and were like, “What are your thoughts?” Personally, I’m a massive fan of ice cream – at the station we have a big social committee, and we buy ice cream for the station, so we constantly have ice cream at work. I was like, “Holy cow, Magnum! Yep!” It’s one of those things where, after the show, you don’t really wanna go promoting everything, because it’s pretty easy to get lost in – like next second you’re promoting lingerie or something [laughs]. So you don’t want to get too carried away with things. But when it’s something you really like and you’re a fan of, it’s really easy to do, because you can 100 percent hand-on-heart go, “I love this, it’s something I like doing.” That’s how I’ve been tracking my life – do things that I really want to do, and don’t just do things for the sake of doing them. And everyone loves Magnum ice cream.

Did you feel there was competition between you and Jake, because you both had Valentine’s Day activations?

[Laughs] Not at all. We don’t compete; none of us are competing. With all the boys, it’s not like we’re competing for the same job. We’re still taking it as it comes, and whenever something new, or funny, or exciting happens, we all laugh. We would have never been in this position if it wasn’t for the show, and we’re all kind of new to it. Jake actually came and visited me on the couch, which is hilarious. He gave me one of his roses he was delivering, and I gave him an ice cream, so it was a good trade.

Have you dated since the show?

I have. I actually dated a girl for a while, and she was gorgeous, really, really lovely, but – I don’t know if it’s ‘fortunately’ or ‘unfortunately’ – she got a promotion and had to move overseas. I know, it’s devastating. I was like, “Right, that’s typical. Standard.” I was a bit upset by that, but it was like back to square one. I told myself I wasn’t going to date at all after the show because dating became really difficult, and really weird for me. Especially because most people you start to date already know who you are, or know bits about you, which is off-putting because you want to meet someone organically, and have them know nothing about you, and you know nothing about them, and then you learn about each other at the same pace. Rather than have them be like, “So you love this? I love this too!”

So I’d put it all on hold, but then this girl, who I’d met before but never knew that well, we got to know each other a bit better, and it was really nice to do that again. It was borderline comical because I hadn’t dated in a while, besides Georgia, and that didn’t go too well.

On the topic of Georgia, how do you feel about the jokes that you are Georgia and Lee’s third wheel?

I don’t know. It’s never nice to be thought of that way. Especially when it’s the girl you used to date. In their case it’s a bit different. It’s more like our little laugh. Coming out of the show, as soon as I knew Lee won, we all realised we were going to have to come up with some kind of arrangement, because if I go and visit Lee he’ll have Georgia around, and if I want to spend time with Lee over a week she’s going to be there at some stage. So unless we just sit at home and watch movies all day, every day, we had to come up with an arrangement.

They’re really good about it. They’re not all snuggly and cute around me, if I’m awkwardly standing to the side. It’s not like I’m there, literally like a pet. They’re good about it, and they include me in everything. We’re kind of equals, like a three-person friendship. It’s bizarre and it’s hard to explain. It’s a healthy friendship for all when I’m there; it’s not an awkward third wheel tagging along, like, “Please leave us alone.” I guess I need to get a girlfriend so I’m not a third wheel, and we can double date.

Everyone wants you to be happy!

[Laughs] I do too! But I don’t want to rush. I’m still young enough that I want to find someone that’s super amazing, who intrigues me.

I saw on the weekend that you were in Sydney, and you were at a boat party that looked pretty fun, with some of your Bachelorette mates and potentially the new Bachelor…


So how was that event?

It was really good. All us guys are so tight and I really wanted to see them. I actually hadn’t seen Sammy [Johnston] since the show, so it was really good to catch up with Sammy. And Matty [Johnson] and I have always been close – every time I’ve come to Sydney I’ve caught up with him. But it was good, especially because you’re on a boat, to have a few drinks and ignore the paps. You can have a laugh and a dance. It was really good to remove ourselves from… Like everything you do in public. Especially Matty, he’s got so many people following him around, and paps following him around – the poor guy’s under a lot of pressure. So it was nice to get away from it all and relax a bit. They’re such good guys, and we have so many memories together, so it was nice to re-live them a bit.

And Sam’s now going out with Noni. Do you know how this happened, and were you surprised when you found out they’d gotten together?

I don’t know exactly how it happened – I didn’t want to ask, and push it. It’s like Matty with The Bachelor stuff – I didn’t want to ask and put him on the spot, and make him tell me. If he was, I know he would have signed a contract for it about secrecy and stuff, so I didn’t want to put him that position, so obviously I have no clue whether he is or isn’t.

And then Sammy is the same. He mentioned he [was seeing Noni], but he also mentioned he still wants to head overseas. It probably had a shelf life, if that was a relationship they were in. As for how they did get together, it’s safe to say it’s the weird bonds the show creates between all seasons. You come out of the show and you try to explain to people what you’ve been through, and everyone’s like, “Yeah, yeah, we get it,” but they don’t quite grasp what you’ve been through. So those who have been through it before are really easy to talk to about it all, because they’ve experienced it as well. So I think that’s how they bonded initially, and then it went from there.

You’re such a good friend for not pressing your friends. I would be like, “Tell me everything now.”

Most things I do, but there are certain things where I know by me asking there’s a 99 percent chance they’d tell me, because we’re all really close, but then in telling me they’d be breaking someone else’s trust, or breaking a rule. So I bite my tongue and try not to press it too much.

**The Bachelor fans got pretty excited when they found out you were hanging out with Nikki Gogan. What’s happening there?

[Laughs] It’s never just the two of us though, we always have everyone else. She’s gorgeous, she really is gorgeous. I actually haven’t seen her in a really long time now. It’s most because we’re mates through everything – you go to the same events. But I don’t think anything’s happening there – sorry!