Camila Mendes and her boyfriend, Victor Houston, have reportedly broken up

Is it time for KJ Apa to slide into her DMs?

By: Katie Stow

Reports are surfacing that Riverdale babe, Camila Mendes, is now a single pringle after breaking up with her boyfriend, Victor Houston.

An insider spoke to E! News to reveal that the couple may have broken up a while back, saying, "Camila ended things with Victor after ComicCon, when she realized she wasn't ready to be in this relationship anymore". For reference, ComicCon took place back in July — so it could have been a fair few months since they split.

Camila and Victor were friends from high school who fans spotted were very flirty together on Instagram, before they finally confirmed their relationship. Victor loved to call her "baby" and "beautiful" in her 'gram comments and was supposedly "completely blindsided" by their break up "and is very heartbroken".


While we feel sorry for Victor and we hope Camila is feeling okay after her break-up, we can't help — as devoted Riverdale fans — but hope that perhaps it's finally time for KJ Apa to slide into Camila's DMs and get another IRL Riverdale couple happening.

Let's face it, the chemistry is there and we already know that they look great together, so let's hope for a miracle and fantasise about Camila and KJ getting together and going on double dates with Lili and Cole. Even though we know our hearts can't handle that level of cuteness.