Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan's relationship hit peak awkwardness at the Oscars

Counting down until they are ‘Fifty Shades FREED.’

By: Jessica Chandra

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson have reminded us plenty of times that they kinda hate the movie franchise that brought them together (and turned them into household names), Fifty Shades of Grey.

They haven’t been as scathing about each other, but ever since they hit the road to promote the first film, back in 2015, the tension between them has been pretty hard to ignore – and no, it’s not the sexual kind. (That’s all in the movies.)

So when they reunited at the Oscars yesterday to present an award, naturally we were curious to see how they’d play it. Would they embody their characters, Christian and Ana? (That probs would not have been appropriate for Hollywood’s biggest night.) Would they play it straight with their presenting? Would they have some banter, at least?

Well, this is what happened:

They came together, linked arms, and Dakota said, “You look familiar.” Well, yeah, of course Jamie would look familiar – someone you’ve spent months shooting sex scenes with would be familiar. But instead of going with it, Jamie got super awkward, semi-laughed, mumbled something that sounded like, “I’m sure I do.”

Of course, people on Twitter had ~feelings~ about their Oscars exchange.

When they headed backstage for a segment with TV personality Kelly Ripa in a makeshift Red Room, it didn’t get any better – Dakota literally choked on her champagne.

Because they really didn’t need to be reminded about the Red Room right then, ya know? They were at the Oscars, for crying out loud!

Anyway, this was just the latest example of Dakota and Jamie not loving life as the stars of the Fifty Shades franchise. If the following pics from the Oscars and their previous red carpet appearances are any indication, they can’t wait for the final two films to get released so they can literally be Fifty Shades Freed.

What do we do.
"Thank God that's over."
Those expressions tho.
Force a smile...
Dakota's distracted.
Just pose.