Dakota Johnson’s reaction to Angelina Jolie ignoring Jennifer Aniston is everything

Her expression is PRICELESS.

By: Natasha Harding

Last night, Hollywood's finest brought their A-game to for the annual Golden Globe Awards. From INCRED red carpet outfits to celebs calling out gender inequality and a healthy share of sick A-lister burns, safe to say it was an action packed night. But one piece of a slighty more subtle celeb shade stuck out to Dakota Johnson and her reaction is everything.

ICYMI: Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie both attended the awards show, making headlines due to the amount of rumoured ~tension~ between the pair. Now, we're not about to pit the two against each other because HELLO, they're fully grown women who have even called their own suspected 'feud' "a whole lot of bullshit". Having said that, even celebs like Dakota Johnson couldn't help but keep a sneaky side eye on the two last night.


But one moment had Dakota surprisingly shook. It all took place when Jen got up in front of the room to present a speech except, Angelina appears to be temporarily distracted and doesn't even look at Jen.

Naturally, Dakota's reaction says it all.

We like to think that maybe Angelina's just really enjoying the food (something we can also relate to) but is still listening to Jen. Honestly though, unfortunate timing or not, the best thing to come out of the whole situation is Dakota's priceless expression.