The EXTREME wardrobe trick Dakota Jonhson used to not flash her whole vagina while filming 50 Shades

It involves superglue... OUCH!

Filming sex scenes sounds really difficult. Dakota Johnson would know all about how difficult it is, considering she filmed three movies that are essentially a collection of sex scenes strung together with a cool contemporary pop soundtrack.

While her Fifty Shades Freed co-star Jamie Dornan (who sings on the new movie's soundtrack) has gone on record saying exactly what he had to go through to get those steamy scenes done (hint: it involved stuffing his junk in a bag), Johnson herself hasn't mentioned exactly how the movies dealt with maintaining her modesty during the shoot until now. The secret? Gluing a strapless thong to her body.

In an interview with Marie Claire, Johnson says:

What?! I guess a stick-on strapless g-string makes sense, since sex scenes are often filmed from the side and from behind, but wouldn't it have been nice to just have a whole bunch of those on hand to swap out once the adhesive got sweaty and unusable? Did they really have to super glue the sweaty thong to a very sensitive part of her body? For that matter, how did they get it off? Anyone who's ever super-glued their fingers together knows it takes literal sandpaper to remove it from skin. None of this sounds nice or fun at all.

Anyway, never doubt that Dakota Johnson suffers for her art. Fifty Shades Freed is in theaters now.

SOURCE: Cosmopolitan US WORDS: Alexis Nedd