Look familiar? MAFS' Davina Rankin has been on another tragic dating show before

She's taking her second shot at reality TV love.

For most people putting yourself out there on TV for love is an experience you'd only want to do once -- if ever -- but Davina Rankin was happy to go back for a second shot.

If you're a reality TV love show junkie (aren't we all?!), you may have spent ages watching Wednesday night's (Jan.31) Married At First Sight looking at one of the bride's faces thinking, 'This chick looks soooo familiar!' And that's because she is!

Way back in 2016, Brisbane PT Davina was also cast on the Channel Seven show First Dates and went on an absolutely cringe-worthy date with an Irishman named Anthony.

Davina with her First Dates match, Anthony.

Needless to say, that match obviously didn't work out and the 26-year-old has decided to sail right past reality TV dating to reality TV (fake) marriage on Nine's MAFS.

On last night's ep, after complaining that her looks get misinterpreted, Davina told producers what she was looking for in a partner.

"Obviously, I have boobs. Obviously, I have lips and hair extensions and a tan and stuff like that," Davina said. "Guys want me for what I look like online. I've dated a lot of different guys, but they see the bikini. They see boobs, and they do just want one thing… They just want to get in your pants."

The single brunette said she wanted to be paired with a "normal tradie", someone she'd call "a normal Aussie bloke".

Enter Sydney tradie Ryan who described himself as "a blokey-bloke" and a "knockabout larrikin."

Ryan and Davina got (fake) married on the show last night and we're not so sure this paring is gonna be a success either for the serial reality show contestant.

Though Ryan seemed be stoked with his (fake) wife -- Davina was not so impressed.

"He opened his mouth, and I was like, ugh," the bride in a piece to-camera after the ceremony.

Ryan says his vows to Davina.

"He's probably going to annoy me," she told producers. "I haven't had enough champagne to deal with him right now."

Welp, looks like it might be back to the reality TV drawing board for Davina...