Ed Westwick has been accused of imprisoning, raping and sexually torturing a woman

He has been accused in a lawsuit, by his former stylist, for being a "monstrous serial rapist".

TRIGGER WARNING: This story contains graphic discussion of rape and domestic violence.

Months after the first three accusations against Ed Westwick, a fourth woman has come forward to detail her own horrid account of the former Gossip Girl actor sexually abusing and raping her.

In recently revealed court documents, Haley Camille Freedman (Ed's former stylist) has stated that she was held against her will for two whole days at the actors home in 2014, where she was repeatedly raped and abused.

The detailing in the lawsuit describe Ed Westwick as "monstrous" and an "abusive, crazed alcoholic" who invited his stylist back to his home after a night out.

According to Haley, the pair initially had consensual sex, but then Ed became "violent and aggressive," ordering his stylist to strangle, slap and spit on him.

When Haley said she didn't want to do that, Ed turned on her and "he put his hands around her neck and slapping her and strangling her against her will."

The court documents also reveal that he wanted to anally penetrate Haley, but when she actively declined, he still digitally penetrated her despite having no consent.

According to the lawsuit, Haley did try to leave multiple times, but she had no car or phone signal in Ed's mansion, so he "promised" to drive her back to her car, "eventually".

Haley continued to decline sex, but Ed didn't want to stop — following her in to the shower. The lawsuit reveals that the more Haley refused Ed's advances, the more "aroused he became", forcing himself on her again and again.

And this went on for two more days.

During this time Haley was denied access to a phone, or wifi, and Ed failed to deliver on his "promise" to take her back to her car.

He finally drove her back on August 7, 2014 (making it two days in total that she was held against her will).

Another terrifying detail in the lawsuit explains that Haley visited the gynaecologist five days after her ordeal, where it's explained that she was "physically bruised, bleeding and internally torn and infected in her genital area."

Despite these graphic accounts Haley is not actually taking the lawsuit out on Ed Westwick, but instead she is suing her former business partners who she claims cut her off when she wanted to go public with her allegations against Ed.

However, this still marks the fourth accusation against Ed Westwick, who, thus far, has only responded with two Instagram posts denying that he has ever done anything of the sort.

We will keep you posted if there are any further updates to this story.

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