Will Grant Crapp leave 'Love Island' because of his secret girlfriend?


By: Lorna Gray

The end of Love Island Australia is nigh and therefore, it's getting more explosive than ever. Well, there is that small matter of $50,000 cash money at stake after all.

But things aren't looking good for a certain bloke by the name of Crapp. The question of everyone's lips being: Does Grant leave Love Island?

After recent revelations Grant Crapp has a secret girlfriend outside of the villa, the proverbial has well and truly hit the fan.

In short: what the f-k, Grant? And what does this mean for your TV girlfriend, Tayla Damir?

It certainly looks like Grant does indeed quit over the secret girlfriend allegations if the trailer for tonight's episode is anything to go by, teasing us with the voice-over: "What makes Grant explode and quit the villa?"

He can also be seen storming away from Tayla, telling her, "Please, I don't want to talk to you!" You can watch at the top...

So basically, it's going to be dramatic (duh).

Tayla is not here for this shit

Grant claimed to have been single for more than two years before hitting the villa, but he was pictured with his alleged girlfriend and her family in social media posts as recently as April 8.

Grant and his ex (l) vs Grant and Tayla (r)

A source claiming to be Lucy's cousin wrote on Instagram: "They live together and they were still 100% together when he went on the show. He was just going there to promote himself and his fitness brand royal apparel!!!!"

We guess this means it could be the end of the road for Tayla and Grant.

And the competition has seriously heated up for the remaining couples.