Grant from 'Love Island Australia' addresses those 'secret girlfriend' rumours

He admits to having 'a fling' before the show started.

By: Susannah Guthrie

The inconveniently-named Grant Crapp from Love Island Australia has confirmed he was seeing someone before going on the show, but that his partner Tayla Damir knew all the deets.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan after winning the reality show, Grant responded to all the viewers doing deep-dives on his Instagram to try and find evidence of his apparent relationship with personal trainer, Lucy Cartwright.

Grant claimed to have been single for two years before going on the show, but photos of him and Lucy appeared to have been taken as recently as the end of 2017.

Fans were concerned the relationship was ongoing after a woman claiming to be Lucy's cousin said Grant was still living with Lucy when he left for Mallorca.

But Grant reckons it wasn't that serious and we all need to chill out.

"I was seeing someone. I had a bit of a fling with prior to the show," Grant said. "She [the woman I was seeing] was clear that we weren't anything serious. I came clean to Tayla. I told Tayla everything we're talking about now."Tayla, meanwhile, remained silent but made a few "mm-hmms" in agreement.

Grant did admit to having some regrets, though. Mainly that time he told Tayla he really wanted to kiss her and then lied about it to Cassidy.

"My only really big regret is the time me and Tayla on day two we were on the bed and I said i wanted to kiss and then I went off and talked to people and accused Tayla of saying it first and put her down," Grant said.

"The little prick lied that's how we can explain it," Tayla interjected, only semi-laughing.

"The heat of the moment got to me and I apologised to Tayla's family today because it wasn't me and I feel like such a prick for saying that," he responded.

Nice save, buddy.

But it's ok guys, because they're rock solid now. They've even picked their couple name!

"We would like to be known as Grayla," Tayla said.