Hamish Blake and Zoë Foster Blake are the king and queen of social media pisstakes

Here's the proof.

By: Jessica Chandra

In case you didn’t already know, Hamish Blake and his wife Zoë Foster Blake are the reigning king and queen of social media in Australia.

It’s not even that they have the most followers – it’s because they are both so funny, so charming and so likeable that pretty much everything they do on social media is magic. Together with their son Sonny, aka cutest little boy in the country, they are Australia’s first family, and they are definitely the ones who break the internet Down Under.

And they will soon be four! As you are probably aware, Zoë announced her second pregnancy in the BEST way possible. But before we get to that, let’s take a look at their history of taking the piss out of everything – with amazing results.

When Hamish did a parody of the Insta-popular account Humans of New York a couple of years ago, it went OFF.

Please note the same emotional ‘story’ format and photo composition.

Us Aussies lost our shit over this when it happened, because it was so bloody brilliant, but Americans only discovered it a few weeks ago and realised how genius it was.

Baby Sonny also got involved with the parodies early on, like this time he copied Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine send-up (too meta).

Sonny has also paid tribute to TV hosts like Jimmy Kimmel.

Of course, Zoë’s pregnancy announcement, which took plenty of inspiration from, and paid tribute to, Queen Bey’s Instagram post, was perfect. The fact that she managed to pull it together less than 24 hours after Beyoncé’s post is beyond us.

And look, they even make fun of each other! Like the time Zoë and Sonny both rocked “a sexy rashy unzip so well,” as Hamish put it.

We can’t even begin to imagine the Insta possibilities when baby number two comes into the world.