17 times Jamie from Outlander was the most arousing person in the history of literally everything


If you haven't yet watched Outlander on Netflix, take our word for it, it'll be worth any amount of hours you invest in binge-watching. While the combination of time travel and rugged 18th century Scottish action is a draw card in itself, the main reason for watching is Sam Heughan, aka Jamie Fraser. Season two has just kicked off, so now's the time to get balls deep into season one. Trust us, your eyes, hearts and vagina will thank us later...

Aye, damn fine you are, young Jamie. Literally everything he does is hot AF.

Like when him and Claire first met, and were just chilling on this horse, but even then you could feel… smell… nay, TASTE the sexual tension.

We'll say it again: ~sexual tension~

Thankfully, you'll be pleased to know they eventually gave into said sexual tension:

Although they reeeally worked the build up…

It was his first time, so he was a little nervous. Bless him:

Then a bit less nervous:

Oh hey, Gropey McGroperson!

And frankly, from that point on, it was just perma-horniness all round!

melts into a puddle

Aside from the best sex scenes on TV, Jamie also provides some of the best abs. Check it:

Gratuitous perving? TOTALLY GUILTY. SUE US.

But as well as being a heaving, Scottish Adonis, Jamie is also a sensitive soul:

And don't even get us started on that time he tried his hand tongue at French:

If you need us, we'll be figuring out a way to travel through time.


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