This Video Of Jennifer Lopez Teaching Alex Rodriguez’s Daughter To Dance Is Seriously #Goals

It looks like JLo has found a new backup dancer.

By: Zoe Anastasiou

Although we can't exactly say we can relate to having a parent date an international superstar, we have to admit, it seems like a pretty good time.

Since Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez began dating over a year ago, they have made absolutely no secret of their loving relationship, and began merging their lives together in a relatively short amount of time.

While the pair are not married or engaged (despite Jlo's recently released Spanish-language single, 'Where is the Ring?') they are certainly at a very committed stage of their relationship, and are serious enough to be spending time with each other's kids and taking all of their children on blended family vacations.

During a recent trip to Idaho, Rodriguez and Lopez proved once again that they are the epitome of a perfect blended family, uploading images of their four children happily spending time together.

Though, throughout their family vacation, there was one particular moment that happened to catch our eye.

During a boat trip that the family took, JLo taught Rodriguez's oldest daughter the choreography to her latest song.

Taking into account the fact that she has an actual global superstar as a teacher, we have to admit she's got the moves.

JLo, if you're ever in need of a new backup dancer, you know where to turn.