Jennifer Lopez finally discusses what's going on with Drake

At last, some answers. Okay, one answer.

By: Erin Van Der Meer

Jennifer Lopez and Drake got cozy over the holidays, had a dinner date, and he even bought her a rather expensive necklace. So clearly they’re dating, right?

Well, a reporter from Entertainment Tonight has finally asked JLo what the world wants to know, and the “On The Floor” singer answered the question. Kind of.

“We did a song a together, and we'll see if it's on his next album, but he just asked me to do a song with him and that's what we've been doing," Lopez said.

But when ET asked if they were more than just musical collaborators, she didn’t want to talk about it – Jennifer’s manager promptly terminated the interview.

The two certainly seem to have chemistry. When they were seen leaving a restaurant in LA a couple of weeks ago, an eyewitness told People:

“Drake had his arm around her and they looked very cozy. “They seemed to have a lot to talk about and looked very happy together. Jen was giggling. Drake was very flirty with her and you could tell that she had a great time.”

Their age difference – Jen is 47 and Drake is 30 – wouldn’t be a problem, since her ex Casper Smart is only 29. But are these two really together, or just stirring up some publicity before they drop their track (which we can’t wait to hear, by the way)?

Something does seem just a little off about the way they both posted that photo at the exact same moment over the Christmas holidays with no caption. It just felt a little too obvious, when most celebrities try to keep their new relationships under wraps to make sure it’s the real deal before the public knows, you know?

Is DraLo for real? TBC.