Justin Timberlake apologises after his BET Awards tweet caused an uproar

The damage is done/ So I guess I’ll be leaving.

By: Erin Van Der Meer

Justin Timberlake has been forced to make an apology after a tweet he sent following the BET Awards pissed off a whole lot of people.

The drama started after Grey’s Anatomy actor Jesse Williams made a powerful speech as he accepted the Humanitarian Award for his work towards equality for the black community in America.

JT tweeted that he was "inspired" by Jesse, and some Twitter users took the opportunity to engage him about the fact that much of his success is due to his appropriation of black culture.

He decided to reply to one user in particular, and you’d have to agree that JT did not handle it well.

His ignorant and arrogant response triggered an even bigger backlash, as people tried to make JT understand that the experience of black and white Americans in the entertainment industry – and in society in general – is not necessarily "the same", and that he'd kind of missed the point of Jesee's speech.

Realising the error of his ways, Justin tried to clarify what he meant and said he felt "misunderstood".

Oh, boy. No doubt a few responses to JT saying he felt “misunderstood” were along the lines of “Cry me a river”.


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