A bunch of Kardashian family members just unfollowed Kanye West, so is sh*t going down?

Here are all the celebs that tapped out of Kanye’s controversial chatter.

In case you missed it, Kanye recently returned to Twitter — bringing all the random, self-obsessed quotes about him having to be responsible for water bottles and whatnot, back into our lives. Whilst Yeezy fans were initially overjoyed with his social media comeback, it seems that the rapper may have taken things a little too far and has now lost a heap of followers.

While social media fails can often result in a minor drop in followers, Kanye's latest saw him lose nine million followers in eight minutes — and some of those followers included his own family.

This morning Kylie Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian and new mum Khloé Kardashian all unfollowed their brother-in-law on Twitter. Kendall supposedly never followed him, and Kris Jenner decided to shake things up and just started following him this morning!

Our guess is that she's either trying to show her support for her son-in-law after his colossal Twitter fuck up, or she's keeping close tabs on him, just in case he decided to start taking swipes at the Kardashian empire.

So what triggered this mass hate from the Kardashian family, and the rest of the world? Well, Kanye decided to show his support the one dude everyone universally hates: Donald Trump.

Kanye tweeted out a picture of his own personal 'Make America Great Again' hat — AKA the iconic campaign accessory for Trump on his road to the White House.

While Kanye has always been a smidge rogue on social media, and has been known to drop a few controversial comments, this seems to be a new step in a terrifying direction. Since Trump became the President of the United States he has caused so much harm to marginalised people — spouting racist views and trying to instate extremely problematic policies that will systemically hurt people of colour.

That's why Kanye becoming the unexpected poster boy for Trump and the republican party has really pissed people off. And it seems that the Kardashian family (who aren't necessarily known for their political opinions) are taking a stand against this unwarranted Trump support from their big brother-in-law.

Beyond the Kardashian-Jenner family, other celebs that have tapped out of Kanye's (sometimes deluded) feed include: Harry Styles, Kendrick Lamar, John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, 2 Chainz and Rihanna.

John Legend even tweeted out a statement, of sorts, explaining why it's so damaging for people to turn a blind eye to real problems happening in America, and it's a prime example of people exercising their privilege by not giving a fuck about others.

So far, Kim still seems to be following Kanye, but with this much of a family revolt against her husband can only mean trouble in paradise for this high-profile pair.

Kim did tweet this morning to comment on what Kanye has shared, defending his right to have an opinion (even if it conflicts with her own) and that media outlets need to stop spinning Kanye's rants as a mental health issue. You can read what she had to say by clicking through to the gallery below.

We'll keep you posted if anymore news develops.