Kendall Jenner's dog reportedly bit a little girl

Doggone it.

By: Susannah Guthrie

Kendall Jenner is in a bit of strife following a report that her dog allegedly bit a little girl while Kendall and her boyfriend, Ben Simmons, were out to breakfast in Los Angeles.

According to TMZ, the model's Doberman Pinscher "nipped" the young girl while she was dining at a deli.

While the girl didn't sustain any injuries, the LAPD was called because Kendall and Ben, an Australian basketball player, supposedly "vanished" before the girl's mother could speak with them.

The case was reportedly referred to Animal Control.

Kendall has previously warned of her pet's ferocity, posting on Instagram: "Cute but she'll rip your face off."


Interestingly, roughly around the time the biting incident allegedly occurred, Kendall shared a shot of the dog to Instagram with the caption: "Listen to momma."

Kendall and Ben are yet to comment on the incident, possibly because they were too busy hanging out with giraffes.