Khloé Kardashian shuts down couple’s therapy rumours with just four words

Don’t mess with Mama Koko.

By: Mahalia Chang

Khloé Kardashian has completely shut down rumours that she and boyfriend Tristan Thompson are in couple's therapy with just a few choice words.

Earlier this week, Lisa Stanley (who billed herself as a "family friend" and a "friend of Kris") opened up about Khloé and Tristan on the radio, saying that the two were working through their problems in therapy.

"One thousand percent they are working through couple's therapy," she told KIIS FM's Celeb HQ. "She's working hard, he's working hard. You can't just earn trust back in two months."

But in true Mariah Carey fashion, Khloé shut that sh*t down with a simple: "I don't know her."

Our favourite Instagram account right now @commentsbycelebs caught her commenting on the story, simply writing, "Who is Lisa Stanley???"

We feel you, Khlo.