Kim Kardashian denies rumours she’s Kiki from Drake’s “In My Feelings”

“Kiki, do you love me? Are you riding…” 🎶🎶

By: Erin Cook

Drake's new album, Scorpion, is a MOOD. The album dropped earlier this year and as always, the internet was quick to dissect every single lyric, sparking more than one conspiracy theory about Drake's personal life.

We thought we'd already learned everything we were going to learn from Scorpion. But now, one Twitter user has put forth a very convincing case that Kim Kardashian is Kiki from 'In My Feelings'.

One word: shook.

A Twitter thread from user @tmorrison54 has had over 68,000 retweets and 144,000 likes (at last count!), and reckons "Drake's been telling us for months now he slept with Kim K, we just haven't been listening".

Over a series of 23 tweets, @tmorrison54 goes into detail about why Kim is, in fact, Kiki:

1. Her sisters call her Kiki

Trueeeeeeeeee. As any self-respecting KUWTK fan will know, the Kardashian-Jenner family commonly refer to Kim as Kiki or Keeks. Coincidence?

2. Drake and Kanye have long-standing beef and everyone thinks Drake is dissing him in Scorpion

Drake continually references "your wifey" on the album. More specifically he says, "I already hit her when you left her lonely, she is not the type that likes to take things slowly."

3. Drake and Kim had matching Instagram captions

"I'm really shy...", Kim wrote with a bikini photo on July 20. "I'm shy", Drake captioned a photo on August 27, five weeks later. OMG, they have so much in common.

4. Drake has a good relationship with the Kardashian family and they all live in Hidden Hills

In 'Can't Take A Joke', Drake raps:


Kim addressed the rumours on Instagram, saying that it's not true. "Never happened. End of story," she commented on an Instagram post by The Shade Room.