Kim Kardashian's latest underwear pic has been turned into a meme


By: Susannah Guthrie

Kim Kardashian West must feel like the world's been against her lately. She's had televised fights with her sister Kourtney, an online feud with Tyson Beckford, been accused of glorifying anorexia and released some low-key terrifying perfume ads.

And now, her latest sexy underwear shot has been ridiculed by the good people of the Internet and turned into a viral meme.

All Kim was trying to do was show off husband Kanye West's latest sneaker design, the Yeezy Butter 350.

But because she's Kim K, she did so while wearing a barely-there bikini with super-long hair extensions while sprawled seductively on a bed.

Except she didn't exactly nail the seductive part. It was more of a 'Help I've fallen and can't get up' vibe.

Look, making fun of people is never cool. It's just really hard to refrain when her pose fits so perfectly into the following scenarios:

A dance party

A marathon finish line

A crime scene

A game of Twister

A rodeo

A high jump competition

Someone also made this very appropriate Toy Story reference and, honestly, we salute them.

But your girl Kimmy is used to criticism online. If we were dragged so hard for an Instagram pic, we would delete it, then delete our account, throw our phone in the river and apply for witness protection.

Instead, Kim kept the photo up there and posted another bikini shot, in the same look, only hours later.

Oh, to give so few fucks. It's a true life skill.