Kim Kardashian West on how she does body confidence

Also, she’s just not that into her sisters' wardrobes.

Kim Kardashian West oozes body confidence. Whether it’s a tight dress, a crop top or a see through gown – she knows how to work the hell out of an outfit.

We chatted with KKW on her recent visit to Sydney about, well, everything. And in this second part of our interview she addresses how she really feels about her sisters’ wardrobes, and the secret to feeling as comfortable in your own skin as she does.

Kim stands up for Kanye over THAT wheelchair incident...

When we asked which sister's wardrobe Kim would most like to break in and steal from, she swiftly replied "neither." Awkward. But upon a moment's reflection, she actually concluded Kylie, because of her "great vintage pieces."

Soz, Kourt and Klo.

Keep your eyes on cosmopolitan.com.au for more Kimmy K realness from our exclusive chat with her. It’s coming.

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