Kim Kardashian has shared her morning workout routine and you'll be tired just reading it

She literally does 1000 of one move.

By: Erin Van Der Meer

Kim Kardashian wants to hit her goal weight as much as we want to hit that fancy cheese store later for another wheel of life-changing brie.

That’s why Kimmy is less likely to share cheese-related Snapchats and much more likely to post about exercise. Like her latest update, which revealed her morning workout routine. A warning – you’ll be exhausted just reading it (maybe grab some cheese for sustenance).

That’s right, 1000 jump ropes. Girl is putting in the work! No wonder she’s been going out in crazy-tight body-con dresses and once, what looked like a pair of Spanx. You know, without any clothing over the top.

So yeah, anyway … is anyone craving cheese?

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