6 reasons why Kylie Jenner is going to name her baby THIS

We’re taking bets.

This morning, the internet (and also us) were positively shook that Kylie Jenner and her beau, Travis Scott, has officially welcomed their baby girl.

The speculation had been swirling for months, with blurry baby-bump photos flying left and right, but nothing was officially confirmed until Kylie dropped her emotional confession on Instagram.

And alongside her post was the link to a YouTube video that documented all nine months of Kylie's pregnancy, including her baby-pink baby shower, her growing bump, and even a glimpse of the baby herself at the end.

But one thing the video and post did not reveal was the name Kylie and Travis have chosen for their new addition — throughout their video, and in various congratulatory posts, the little one is only referred to as "baby girl."

But we have a theory.

We think — based off a few telling signs here and there — that little Miss Scott's name will be Butterfly (or, for fairness, a species of butterfly like Monarch).

Bear with us here, we have reasons…

1. ‘Butterfly’ is Travis’ nickname for Kylie

In a few separate tweets, Travis quite obviously referred to Kylie using the butterfly emoji. "My [butterfly] woke me this morning :)," he wrote in May last year.


2. Kylie and Travis have matching butterfly tattoos

We spotted Kylie's new ink last year when she originally got it done, but just today, tattoo artist Jon Boy posted this shot of their matching tattoos. "congrats to @kyliejenner & @travisscott for your little miracle :butterfly: #jonboytattoo," the artist wrote. They both have the same tiny symbol on their ankles.

3. In May, 2017, Kylie tweeted the butterfly emoji — and nothing else

We might be reading into this one too much, but in May, 2017, around when Kylie might have found out she was expecting, she posted a single butterfly emoji onto her Twitter. Her sister, Kim, who might have been in on it, wrote back, "Love."

4. Kylie and Travis rock a lot of butterflies

If you knew that you were expecting a baby girl named Butterfly, wouldn't you want to commemorate that with something meaningful… say some butterfly jewellery? Both Kylie and Travis wear quite large pieces of jewellery with butterfly motifs — Kylie has this ring.

And Travis bought this chain for Kylie's birthday — which he has also been seen wearing. Dun dun dun?

5. Travis has a song called ‘The Butterfly Effect’

Travis has also demonstrated his commitment to butterflies musically, too. On his latest album, the rapper has a song called, 'The Butterfly Effect.'

6. Take a look at some of the decorations in Kylie’s nursery…

Not such a crazy theory now, is it?

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