Lani Blair and Jordan Craig: What you need to know about the other women in Tristan Thompson's life

Khloé Kardashian’s baby daddy just got caught allegedly cheating on her.

By: Jessica Chandra

Khloé Kardashian is in the news this week in a major way, but while it should be about the birth of her daughter — the baby she's wanted for so long — this happy time in her life has been tainted by reports that Tristan Thompson, her boyfriend and baby daddy, allegedly cheated on her just days before her due date.

The 27-year-old NBA player was caught on video allegedly kissing a woman — who was clearly not Khloé — at PH-D Lounge, a rooftop bar in Manhattan, on Saturday night. There was also footage of Tristan and this woman arriving at his hotel at 5am after leaving the bar.

Now that it's been over 24 hours since the news broke, the woman has been identified as Lani Blair. Meanwhile, another woman from Tristan's past has also come to everyone's attention again: Jordan Craig, his ex-girlfriend and mother of his first child.

Read on for more information about the two women in Tristan's life — aside from Khloé — that everyone's talking about.

Who is Lani Blair?

Lani Blair has been identified the mystery woman at the centre of the Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson cheating scandal. She's the one Tristan allegedly kissed at PH-D Lounge and took back to his hotel at 5am.

According to Page Six, Lani is a "strip club bartender" who's worked at a "seedy" club in Queens called Club Angels for three months. She earns money for dancing, but she doesn't strip. She reportedly didn't show up for her shift the night after the cheating scandal broke.

She's 28 years old and has a huge Instagram following — over 360,000 people, and they include Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown and Blac Chyna. At the moment her account is private, but here's her profile picture:

Not much else is known about Lani at this stage.


Who is Jordan Craig?

Jordan Craig is Tristan Thompson's ex-girlfriend and the mother of his first child, Prince Oliver Thompson, who is now 16 months old.

Jordan, 26, is a model and lifestyle blogger for her own site, All Eyes on Jordy C. She writes about anything that can be considered 'lifestyle', from baby bottle cleaning tips to how to make a caprese salad.

Even though Tristan and Jordan are no longer together, one thing they seem to agree about is the privacy of their son. Tristan never posts photos of him, and Jordan only posts the occasional photo of Prince, making sure to always cover his face.

The reason why Jordan has popped back on everyone's radar in the middle of this cheating scandal is because it's believed that Tristan may have cheated on Jordan with Khloé while she was pregnant with Prince. Tristan and Khloé started dating in September 2016 and Jordan gave birth to Prince in December, just a few months later.

No wonder people were keen to see how Jordan would react to the news of Tristan's alleged cheating (again).

In an Instagram Story, Jordan posted a statement that many took as her reaction to the scandal, and a show of support for Khloé during this ordeal.

Another random fact about Jordan is she's cousins with Eniko Parrish, Kevin Hart's wife. Eniko went to her super glam baby shower before the birth of Prince.