Lily Allen defends asking James Corden to "just f--k me" during an old uncomfortable interview

No, I wasn’t horny for James Cordon...

James Corden might be the one asking the questions these days but Lily Allen has recalled a time when the Late Late Show host was a little cheeky and 'hit on her' during an interview on her chatshow.

This week, after getting getting into a little bit of a spat with Piers Morgan on Twitter (yes, that guy again 🙄), an online pundit tried to embarrass the 'Fuck You' singer by rehashing an almost decade-old clip from the 2008 BBC Three chatshow Lily and Friends where she and James Corden had a flirty exchange.

The troll accused Lily of being "horny for James Corden" and Allen decided to set the record straight by saying she only reciprocated the coy chat on air to avoid being negatively labelled.

At the time James was the star of the British TV show Gavin & Stacey and told Lily, "I don't think you know how lovely you are," to which a giggling Lily replied: "Just fuck me!"

"That's how you get into a girl's pants," she told the audience, before asking if Corden was single and playing a game to see if they were a match for each other.

The pair seemed to playfully jest about watching Strictly Come Dancing together and eating takeaway, but Allen obviously thought otherwise.

Lily says James "came on to me in front of a studio audience," and reasoned, "if I’d have shut him down, I would have been labeled cold or up myself or snobbish."

James has actually wrote about the interview before in his 2011 autobiography May I Have Your Attention, Please? and admitted he was "blatantly" and "publicly" flirting.

"Given where I was at the time, with my ego starting to spiral out of control, a broken heart trying to nurse itself with empty one-night stands and a complete lack of understanding of my position in the world, this was right up my street," James wrote.

"I guess I went out with Lily four or five times in total after that – and not once was it a proper date. It always seemed to involve other people and not just the two of us.

"I guess we were friends but, for my part, I definitely wanted more than that."