Millie from Love Island reckons Eden and Erin knew each other before the show

She also says Eden dated her best mate.

By: Susannah Guthrie

Love Island Australia's Millie Fuller has been ejected from paradise and homegirl isn't going quietly, giving a bunch of media interviews in which she's claimed Erin and Eden cannot be trusted.

The doggy daycare worker (side note: how do we obtain this job?) is firing shots at the popular couple, accusing them of staging their relationship and knowing each other before the show started.

She's also claimed Eden dated her best friend before arriving on the island, and that his dating game wasn't much chop.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Millie said she and her co-stars had their suspicions about the conveniently-named Eden and Erin (it just has such a ring to it ... COINCIDENCE? Millie thinks not).

"I just think the whole thing seems staged on their behalf," Millie said.

"I won't forget on the first day, Erin kept repeating 'I know the last guy is for me' — when there was already four guys there."

Millie's fellow evictee Mark O'Dare echoed her sentiments that something suss is going on.

"Their little private chats ... the way they take their microphones off," he said.

"The feeling is mutual around the villa with other Islanders too that they did know each other."

It could be true but also, sour grapes anyone? Plus, a spokesperson for Channel Nine told Now To Love E and E (aka E-squared) are clean as whistles.

"Any suspicions are misguided," the spokesperson said.

Mark and Millie be dropping bombshells.

Millie didn't stop there though, telling Mamamia in another interview that Eden dated her bestie, some chick named Ziggy, and he didn't exactly treat Ziggy like the queen she presumably is (it's hard not to be a queen with a name like Ziggy).

"When I saw Eden walk in, I was like, 'Oh my God! F*boy!'" she said.

"My best friend had a very casual relationship with him, but she told me he had the personality of a pot plant, so she didn't really want much to do with him either.

"My best friend is a very intelligent, bright, funny, goofy kind of girl, and Eden wasn't really intelligent enough for her, and didn't really have that banter for her.

"As soon as he came in, I had that set opinion of him. He wasn't that big of a deal. Looks aren't everything. And his personality was really ugly."

With the finale hitting screens on Thursday night, we'll see whether this apparent facade of fakery collapses under scrutiny or whether E-squared will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Meanwhile, can we get a spin-off show on Ziggy's dating life? She sounds divine.