Just like ya mate living in Fulham, people think Meghan Markle has a full-blown Brit accent now

You sound like you're from London!

Meghan Markle wouldn't be the first person to spend a hot minute in the UK and fully adopt the accent.

Just like Madonna and Kylie Minogue before her (even Delta had that shocker of an Irish twang when she was going steady with Brian McFadden way back when), fans think the 36-year-old actress is shaking her native way of speaking by way of flattening her 'r's and hitting her 't's extra hard all in a bid to sound like one of the locals.

Taking look at Meghan's UK timeline, the former Suits star relocated to London shortly after her engagement to Prince Harry in November of last year—the couple have reportedly been living in Kensington Palace together since even before their royal wedding in May—which means she's been in merry England for roughly 8 months-ish, full-time. So, is that enough time to genuinely pick up the twang people claim to hear on this video doing rounds online rn?

In footage posted on Twitter from a who met Meghan during her June 14 visit to Cheshire, the Duchess of Sussex can be overheard having some sweet conversation with well wishers. But rather than focus on what the new royal is saying, punters online are listening to how she is speaking with, some declaring Meghan is actively swapping her American accent for an English one.

Hmmmmmm... while we're not sure what to call, there is a definite contingent of people who say they hear a British accent loud and clear:

But others said it was the same ol' "kind and friendly" Yankee-sounding Meghan.

Also weighing into the Great Accent Debate of 2018 is leading linguistics expert, Dennis Preston, who told Yahoo Lifestyle, for anyone hearing an accent, "It's your brain playing a trick on you".

The professor of linguistics at Oklahoma State University told the outlet because Meghan "married an Englishman, she lives in England, she's hanging with the queen, and people think 'gosh, she must be doing something with her language,'" but that's not necessarily the case.

The Prof. said he did a "careful listen" of the video and said there was no real change detected, noting if the Duchess did pick up a genuine accent in such a short amount of time that would be miraculous.

"Us linguists would be flocking there to study her as a strange phenomenon," he said. Adding, "These changes won't happen overnight, and in the terms of language history, overnight is how long it's been."

But, even if Meg's does mimic some chat while mixing with the locals, it's more likely a sign of empathy than being phony.

Scientists from the University of California did a study which found the subconscious copying of an accent comes from an inbuilt urge of the brain to "empathise and affiliate".

"Humans are incessant imitators," said Prof. Lawrence Rosenblum, a psychologist who led the study. "We intentionally imitate subtle aspects of each other's mannerisms, postures and facial expressions.

"We also imitate each other's speech patterns, including inflections, talking speed and speaking time."

He added: "Sometimes we even take on the foreign accent of the person to whom we are talking, leading to embarrassing consequences."