'Hot felon' Jeremy Meeks and his beautiful pecs just hung up with Nicki Minaj at Cannes

He only fastened two of his shirt buttons because #fashion.

By: Peggy Truong

Jeremy Meeks has popped up in the south of France to spread his gorgeousness. That’s not the official reason, but it’s a nice thought. Jeremy was actually there this week to walk for designer Philipp Plein’s Cannes show and on Thursday, the model formerly known as #felonbae/#hotfelon sat alongside A-listers at the annual amfAR Gala. Leonardo DiCaprio was there, too, but there’s no photographic evidence that the two met. (Can you imagine?) Jeremy did, however, hang out with Nicki Minaj and Philipp Plein. It looks like they sat together and took some nice photos. What do you think they talked about? Jeremy’s walking technique? His tattoos? Why there are so many glasses on the table?

The only problem with these photos and Jeremy’s outfit is of course, he is wearing too many layers. Why does he even need that jacket? Is he cold because he purposely didn’t do three buttons on his shirt? Are the pants breathable?

FYI, it is not freezing in Cannes right now. On Thursday night, this is what Jeremy wore to the L’Oreal Paris Cinema Club Party. (To be fair, Olivier Rousteing is wearing a top and blazer, so maybe it was a tad chilly or Olivier was in fact sweating buckets?)

And at the Philipp Plein show, Jeremy technically grazed the runway shirtless, even though a jacket got in the way. It's a nice jacket, but look how happy he is to be free of buttons!

Via: Cosmopolitan US