People Are Trolling Pete Davidson For Writing Similar Comments On Cazzie David And Ariana Grande’s Instagrams

This is kind of awkward, TBH.

By: Cosmo Team

Unless you have been hiding under a rock with no access to the world wide web, you are probably aware that singer Ariana Grande and Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson are engaged.

While celebrities get engaged all the time, this situation is particularly newsworthy due to the fact that the young couple became betrothed to one another after only one short month of dating (despite the fact that both Grande and Davidson had previously been in two year relationships).

Given the fact that both Pete and Ariana have pretty significant exes—Pete's being Cazzie David and Ariana's being Mac Miller— fans have now taken it upon themselves to go back and analyse their previous relationships, presumably in an effort to understand what went wrong.

Throughout the analysis, a few eagle-eyed fans have come to the realisation that Pete wrote similar comments on ex Cazzie's Instagram as he is now writing on Ariana's.

As with anything on the internet, the fans are now calling Pete out on the matter and not allowing him to live it down.

It is evident that fans are really investing their time and emotion into these relationships. Though in Pete's defence, it's only fair to point out people send loving and overly affection messages to their spouses throughout relationships all the time, regardless of whether the relationship goes the distance or not.

Pete's current feelings for Ariana, don't completely eclipse the fact that he had previous feelings for Cazzie, so we're not sure why anyone finds these comments at all surprising.

We wonder how these trolls would feel if people went back through all of their previous relationships and dredged up comments from 82 or 110 weeks ago?