The ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ cast just shared some EPIC reunion pics and we're all kinds of excited for PP3

One might even call them ‘pitch-er perfect’, eh?

By: Natasha Harding

For those absolutely OBSESSED with Pitch Perfect (AKA - errrybody) the countdown to the third movie, set to hit screens December 22, feels devastatingly loooong.

But alas, all is not lost 'cause the cast have just gone and shared some cheeky BTS snaps of the squad assembling yet again and we can’t even contain all the excitement.

A few hours ago Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson posted this shot of the crew rockin’ the ‘peace out’ pose like only a true girl squad can...

This is the slightly more ~hipster~ version...

And here they are taking some hard-earnt time out to eat tacos.

In short, they're the best friends you've always wanted and, not to wish the whole of 2017 away, but can December just hurry up and arrive already?