YASS QUEEN: The Fab Five have dropped a new mini-episode and it's so damn Australian

The tears, THE TEARS!

By: Kate Wagner

As we were all very aware, the Fab 5 were recently in Australia. While we kind of thought it was just Netflix overly committing to the "Yaaassss Queen" schtick, it turns out they were actually filming a makeover.

It's a mini "make-better" episode that only goes for 20 minutes so you can even sneak it in at work. We mean probably, not that this writer did…

The episode focusses on cattle farmer and former bull rider, George, who was nominated by his—as Antoni puts it—"not unattractive" son, Levi.

BRB, moving to Yass.

While Tan, Jonathan and Karamo focus on revamping his wardrobe, giving him a beard trim and forcing him to confront his demons and cry in a paddock (respectively), Bobby and Antoni do-over a bistro's interior and menu.

Honestly, bless George. He's so proud of his kids (not just because Levi's hot) and desperate to make sure they're proud of him. By the time he's crying, you best believe we're already a sobbing mess.

He cries so many times through the episode and it is SO BLOODY WHOLESOME. In the wise words of Jonathan: "Breaking down toxic masculinity for everyone in Australia, Henny!"

Meanwhile, Antoni breaks free his heavy avocado shackles and creates something with blessed Vegemite and Bobby literally completely renovates an entire restaurant while Karamo's still probably just standing on the farm making George cry.

It's a Queer Eye classic: tears, transformations and George and Levi even have a bloody secret handshake.

Catch the whole episode here: