The best Twitter reactions to Rihanna fighting with her boyfriend

I don't care who's right, I'm on Rihanna's side.

By: Susannah Guthrie

Normal people fight with their boyfriends and maybe get the silent treatment for three hours. Rihanna fights with her boyfriend and sparks a thousand memes.

The singer was snapped this week having a very animated argument with her boyfriend, Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel, while on holiday in Mexico.

Featuring RiRi holding a joint and gesturing wildly, the entire photo series was a real mood.

While she quickly took to Instagram to assure fans they were just fighting about the World Cup (mm-hmm sure you were, Ri), it didn't quite quell the ferocious appetite of the Twitter meme-lords, who saw their opportunity and took it.

Behold, the best reactions to Rihanna serving up truth bombs to her man.

People picked sides

Some felt uncomfortable

Many felt inspired

And everyone tried to guess what REALLY caused it

Social media is a terrifying, beautiful force.