Ryan Reynolds' sarcastic response to Kanye West's claims 'Deadpool 2' ripped off his music

Ummmmm....... Is Yeezy trying to be funny?

Kanye West might be a Deadpool fan but the rapper has used his recent tweets of appreciation to also throw shade at the film's soundtrack.

According to Yeezy's fangirling on Tuesday (12 June, 2018), Ryan Reynolds' latest blockbuster is "innovative", but the music appears too familiar and Ye basically says it's been lifted from his own sonic catalogue.

For the record ('scuse the pun), many of the songs on the Deadpool 2 soundtrack are classics from Cher, Dolly Parton, Pat Benatar and a Celine Dion original called Ashes.

Does this mean we have a Kanye vs. Deadpool feud on our hands? Hold up a sec...

Professional social media troll Ryan, defused the situation with a hilarious response for the Stronger singer.

FYI: If you want to do the soundtrack for Deadpool 3 Ye, just ask...