Scott Disick is getting his own reality show, and here are all the memes that prove this is a brilliant idea


By: Katie Stow

Scott Disick may have a bucket full of his own issues after splitting with certified babe (and his baby mama) Kourtney Kardashian, with sex addiction, alcohol and drug abuse and a whole host of other dramas documented for the world to see.

However, now he has ~actually~ broken up with Kourtney for good, and seems happily settled in his relationship with 19-year-old Sofia Richie, it seems that the 35-year-old has a new project in the works. One you should be V. EXCITED about.

According to People, Scott Disick is getting his own goddamn reality TV show!

But before you get all hot and heavy under the collar about a return of the Lord to the world of reality television, we should probably break it to you that it's not going to be a carbon copy of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. In fact it's actually going to be about property development and house flipping…

Scott spoke to People to explain, "It will probably come out next year, and it's basically about me doing things that I'm interested in, which is buying and selling properties".


But regardless of the content, we thought we should refresh your memories of the best memes and gifs of Scott Disick himself to remind you what great news it is that the Lord is back!