Selena Gomez's blurry AF photo just beat Beyoncé for most-liked Instagram

And it was for a goddamn blurry picture.

By: Katie Stow

Selena Gomez has been sitting pretty at the top of the 'Most Followed on Instagram' list for a while now, with no hope of anyone swiping her down — because 139 million followers is a hard mountain to climb, bro. But there's one title that Selena had snatched away from her last year: The most-liked photo on Instagam.

That title was nabbed by none other than Queen Bey, who took to Instagram to announce that she was pregnant with not one, but two beybeys! Struggling to remember this iconic shot? Here it is in all its glory:

Just because she's a bloody all-star, Beyoncé then broke her own record by raking in 7.8 million likes in the 12 hours after she posted her birth announcement post by sharing the first snap of her twin babies with the world.

Whilst these were both PHENOMENAL photos, it seems that even they were not strong enough to fight the power of Selena Gomez and her army of followers, as they rallied in full force for Selena's birthday.

The freshly-turned 26-year-old shared some gorgeous candid photos of her birthday party — which took place on a bomb yacht with a bunch of her best mates.

She captioned the photo, "Another year down.. Thank you for all the bday love. I couldn't be more appreciative of you and my best friends for celebrating with me. I love you guys like crazy! God bless!"

This post rumbled up over one million likes in less than 13 minutes — making it the fastest liked photo of all time. BOOYAH!

Honestly, we think it's hilarious that a blurry birthday shot has managed to beat out Beyoncé's epic pregnancy and birth announcement, and that something so candid and relaxed trumped a fully-staged 'gram (much like the rest of Beyoncé's pro grid). But perhaps we should just take note of this and opt for a chill, blurry pic over a 'gram with all the theatrics.