Did Selena’s shirt shade Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s shotgun engagement?

She might not have an official comment, but girl has said some things.

By: Kate Wagner

When Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin first announced their engagement, everyone's first thought was, "What about Selena Gomez?"

And for good reason, the pair only reached the off stage of their on-again/off-again relationship in May this year — only two months ago.

But is Selena fazed by the shock announcement? Absolutely not.

Today — knowing damn well the paps would be all over, begging for a reaction — wearing trackie dacks and a shirt that had "only the strong survive" emblazoned on the ruffle pocket.

Is it a personal mantra to ban the petty from her life, or is it letting us all know that her and Justin didn't work because the relationship wasn't strong enough?

Only Selena knows, but we do know she is oozing BDE for the move.

Way back when the engagement was only unconfirmed rumours (two days ago) everyone flocked to the 'gram to investigate how Selena was holding up.

Was she holed up in her house crying? Was she eating her feelings at the local Ben n Jerry's? Lol nah, girl was on a multimillion dollar boat, probably asking, "Justin who?"

Her mate Theresa Mingus posted this 'gram of herself and Sel, both chilling in blue bikinis and the kind of unbothered energy that comes from being ridiculously rich.

Selena's yet to post anything herself on Instagram, but why would she when she's so damn good at the subtle, ambiguous jabs?