Every subtle hint Cardi B dropped about her pregnancy


By: Natasha Harding

After weeks of speculation Cardi B finally confirmed her pregnancy with Offset in her latest performance on Saturday Night Live.

While fans suspected Cardi was expecting her first baby, and shared footage where they thought they could see a baby bump, Cardi quickly shot down rumours and lead them off the scent.

When a fan asked if she was pregnant back in February, Cardi clapped back "No b---h. I'm just getting fat. Let me be fat in peace."

She then followed the incident by sharing a sexy AF Instagram video of her showing off her super flat tummy:

But, when you take a deeper look into her Instagram feed and latest album, there are some tell-tale hints she was pregnant all along.

1. Cardi B was overheard asking a stylist how to dress a baby bump

At Rihanna's Fenty x Puma New York Fashion Week event back in September 2017, Cardi B was reportedly overheard asking a stylist how to 'dress up' a baby bump, prompting the OG pregnancy rumours.

While Cardi is yet to confirm how far along her pregnancy is, if she knew she was pregnant back in September, it would mean she's already at six months.

2. Cardi B's new song ‘Money Bag’ makes reference to twins

As part of Cardi's new 'Invasion of Privacy' album, her song 'Money Bag' makes reference to Beyoncé and being pregnant with twins:

"This is sweet pu**y Saturday, that's just what Plies say / I said "Bae, it's a snack" he said it's a entrée / With them pretty ass twins, you look like Beyoncé," she raps in the chorus. Sure, she could just be paying homage to Queen Bey, but it sounds like it's someone telling Cardi that she looks like Bey...

3. Cardi B's Instagram is filled with kid-related posts

Whether she's swooning over her adorable little niece, or sharing cute fan submissions of babies and toddlers, Cardi's Insta feed is full of kid-related posts of late.

On February 9 she posted an Instagram story of a toddler in a Moschino dress at NYFW saying "you are the cutest little thing, I want one of you!"

"This wittle girlsooo bute .. can't wait to have a babygirl one day," Cardi wrote in the caption of this re-grammed fan pic.

Here are some more of the cute baby pics she's been sharing lately:

Including shots of her precious little niece: