All the times Sophie Monk was a bloody legend and paid herself out

If you can’t laugh at yourself…

By: Jessica Chandra

This year’s season of The Bachelorette is gonna be an absolute cracker with Sophie Monk handing out the roses!

The blonde babe is pretty much the ultimate ~veteran~ of the Australian entertainment industry — she got her start in the girl band Bardot, which was put together on the reality show Popstars, and has since worked on TV, in radio, and she’s even done some movies.

Is there anything she hasn’t done?

Her past 17 years in the spotlight have pretty much made her an Aussie icon. And one of the reasons she’s managed to outlast heaps of other people in the industry is because she’s hilarious — she doesn’t take things seriously, and often takes the piss out of herself, which, let’s face it, is one of the only ways you can survive this industry.

In fact, Soph’s season of The Bachelorette has reportedly been “inundated” with calls from potential suitors, which means all the funny things she’s done over the years has only made her more attractive to Aussie fellas.

Here’s the proof.

When she posted this hilarious throwback video

A loooong time ago, Sophie appeared on a competition show called New Faces, which was hosted by Bert Newton and also starred Keith Urban. Little Soph was a brilliant singer!

When she farted in a yoga class for a radio stunt

In 2015, as part of a radio prank for the Kyle and Jackie O Show, Sophie went to a yoga class and did everything Jackie told her to do through her

earpiece. This included harmonising her ‘om’s and snoring during the relaxation part. Oh, and she fake farted. Mega LOLs.

When she made it through Tom Gleeson's 'Hard Chat' segment

Sophie appeared as comedian Tom Gleeson’s interview subject for one of his ‘Hard Chat’ segments on The Weekly earlier this year, where he basically roasted her in an interview format. He asked her what it was like to have a tanking career, and she said it was better now than it was a few years ago: “So I’m trying to get lots of free stuff at the moment.” He asked what she did with the money from the one copy her single record “Calendar Girl” sold, and she said, “Actually, I bought 5,000 copies myself ’cos no one was buying it.”

But perhaps the best part of the interview was when Tom asked, “You were discovered through one of the very first reality shows, Popstars. Do you wish that you waited until a reality show came up that people actually remember?” Sophie replied, “Yeah, I kind of wish I was in one now. A cooler one.” “What one would you prefer?” Tom asked. “The Bachelorette — I’m very single,” Sophie said. Oooh. Eerie.

When she appeared in 'Date Movie'

Sophie spoofed every hot bikini girl that’s ever been in a movie aimed at teenage boys.

When she made fun of how she became the Bachelorette

The day after it was announced Sophie would be this year’s Bachelorette, she was interviewed on The Project, and co-host Waleed Aly brought up that it was Sophie who approached the show’s producers about her involvement, not the other way around. “When I hear it back I sound like such a loser, but yes, I went to Ten,” she said.

When she thought Bill Shorten was an actor on 'Home and Away'

During one of Sophie’s radio gigs for KIIS 1065, she was pranked by the show’s producers by having a paid actor pretend to be Labor leader Bill Shorten as she interviewed him. Later on they flipped things around by bringing in the REAL Bill Shorten, but they had him pretend he was an actor on Home and Away. Sophie had no friggin’ idea. “Why am I always the fool?” she said.

When she answered kids' questions about life

You know you want to know Sophie’s answers to questions like, “Why do you wear g-strings?”, “How does Santa deliver all the presents in one night?” and, “What is Tinder?”

Bring on The Bachelorette!