Sophie Turner just added another direwolf to her pack

The ‘Thrones’ star has adopted a puppy with her BF Joe Jonas.

We already have a vast collection of doggo Instagram accounts that we stalk on a daily basis, but there is one new pupper on the scene that you might want to hit ‘follow’ for — and that is because he is hella cute, and has pretty famous parents.

Game of Thrones star, Sophie Turner, and her boyfriend Joe Jonas have just adopted a baby husky together, and call him the most adorable of all pupper names: Porky.

Porky has his own Instagram account (@porkybasquiat) and his little fluffy face has racked up 40.1 thousand followers already.

Thus far, Porky Basquiat has proven to be quite the comedian, with witty captions being flung to his followers on the daily.

This pupper is a second husky for Sophie, who adopted the puppy that played Lady in Game of Thrones (AKA her character’s direwolf). The addition of little Porky is probably an indication that things are going well for the Mother of Puppies and her ex-Jonas Brothers, now-DNCE front man, Joe.

We look forward to watching the adventures of Porky Basquait evolve and hope he stays a smol pupper for as long as poss.