Holy sh*t the Sugababes are reuniting and making new music

Pushing ALL the buttons.

By: Susannah Guthrie

Ready your Spotify accounts, people because you're gonna wanna travel back to 2001. Iconic early-2000s girl band, the Sugababes, are apparently coming out of the woodwork to bring you some new tunes.

In case you've forgotten, they're the sassy trio responsible for bangers like 'Round, Round' and 'Push the Button'.

Feast your ears...

Anywho, we legit thought they had split up but apparently they're very much still together and have just been lingering in the background waiting for their moment.

This all came to light when Keisha Buchanan, one of the band's founding members, tweeted that she was "a Sugababe. Not (ex)".

Hold on, what? said the Internet.

Keisha confirmed the girls were nearly ready to "snatch wigs" and would explain the "delay" in new music releases, "when it's time".

The reactions came swift and fast:

The Sugababes last released music in 2011. It's not clear whether to reuniting members will be founding members Keisha, Siobhán Donaghy and Mutya Buena, or Keisa, Mutya and Siobhán's replacement, Heidi Range.

We're just pumped for more of this: