Taylor Swift gets “Hot in Herre” with Nelly and Haim

Not only in our wildest dreams but IRL…

By: Tahlia Sarv

Well it definitely wouldn’t be a tour stop for Taylor Swift without an on-stage surprise.

Still on her “1989” tour, Taylor invited St. Louis hometown hero and legendary rapper Nelly to join her for a Haim-backed version of the noughties classic “Hot in Herre”. And boy was it wonderful.

Taylor and the Haim sisters even prepared a little choreographed backup dance for the event, which also coincided with Haim’s final night on tour.

Taylor tweeted that the glorious moment was “the highlight” of her friendship with Haim and wrote on Instagram that she “absolutely adores” Nelly, who has been a surprise guest on her last three tours.

So, who next Tay-Tay?!


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