Laura Byrne from 'The Bachelor' is unrecognisable in this throwback shot of her as a teen

Glow up.

By: Susannah Guthrie

Everyone has an awkward phase, but The Bachelor winner Laura Byrne would like you to know hers was worse than usual.

Matty J's chosen one wasn't always the tall, elegant, stylish star she is today. Thankfully, however, she can laugh about it.

The 31-year-old got really real on her Instagram, sharing a truly terrible shot of her as a 14-year-old with the caption: "They say that 'history repeats itself'. Dear God I hope not."

Wow, Just wow. That side pony with scrunchie. That silver sparkly belt. Those layered singlets. The statement earrings. Those sunnies.


Laura's fellow Bachie contestant Florence Moerenhout was nothing short of brutal in the comments section, writing: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WHAT THE FUCK."

In response to Flo, Laura joked: "Matt got catfished hard."

It takes a confident woman to share such a visual with the world. As a reminder that there is hope for all, this what is what Laura looks like now:

Insta-model Jade Tuncdoruk commented, "What is happening?" to which Laura responded, "puberty I think".


Other commenters agreed "puberty was good to you" and "that looks nothing like you".

It's worth noting that Laura's boyf, Matty, didn't exactly have a smooth-sailing ride through puberty either (honestly, who does? Not even Hailey Baldwin).

Side fringe central.