There’s going to be a 'Hills' reunion and we’re losing our sh*t

Nothing left unwritten.

By: Jess Pullar

Before Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Love Island, there was another reality TV show that was pure, dramatic, heart-breaking art — The Hills.

Seriously, the show was original binge-watching gold, and it always left us asking questions. For starters, how did Heidi not get fired from Bolthouse sooner? How can Justin Bobby be such an a*shole? Did Spencer Pratt really feel bad about spreading those sex tape rumours? And arguably the most important question of all: what colour headband will LC wear next?

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FINALLY, it looks like we might get some answers, because The Hills cast are reuniting!

According to E! Online, the cast will be getting together at the MTV VMA's for a "reunion announcement". This comes a whopping eight years after the season finale aired, so we're getting ready to feel hella nostalgic.

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And, as promised, an announcement from the cast was dropped at the MTV VMAs 2018 in the form of an OFFICIAL VIDEO PROMO. It's okay if you're crying too right now.

You can watch the teaser, which was captioned on Twitter with "The rest was still unwritten... until now," here:

There's a small catch though, our favourite protagonist Lauren Conrad will not be in attendance. E! reported the 32-year-old mum doesn't have the time to commit to a reunion and is instead concentrating on her Kohl's line and charity work.

Similarly, it looks like LC's BFF Lo Bosworth will also be snubbing the gang, telling her podcast Lady Lovin' back in February that she didn't want any association with the cast mates.

That aside, we're excited to see who does front for the highly-anticipated reunion. Whitney Port and Kristin Cavallari have both previously spoken publicly about getting the cast back together, so who knows, perhaps they'll announce a spin-off show called Tiffany and Crystal, an ode to that brilliant fashion cupboard scene where Lauren confides her would-be names to Whit.