This is Zac Efron’s favourite kiss ever in the history of mouths

R.I.P Troy and Gabriella.

Zac Efron is appreciated for a lot of things: His ripped bod in Baywatch, his oh-so sweet and somewhat iconic role as Troy the Basketball Boy in High School Musical, and his ability to make a significant portion of civilisation completely weak at the knees due to his ‘I’m not sure whether I can look directly at you because you’re so good looking’ powers.

Another thing that he has been rated for is his ability to absolutely nail an on-screen smooch. Here are some visual examples for you:

But have you ever wondered which kiss Zac Efron enjoyed the most? Probably not. But bet you’re thinking about it now.

Well we have the answer for you.

Zac has revealed that his best ever movie kiss was with Zendaya in The Greatest Showman. AKA the one at the end of this clip:

In a recent interview he was questioned about his accolade of being a grand snogger and then he freely admitted that his smooch with Zendaya is his fave. CAUTE.

But before you go thinking this means that the two are hooking up IRL, he swiftly followed up with why it was great, explaining that it’s all to do with their character’s connection in the film.

“Just because at this point for these characters, it's so built up, the tension between them is so strong, and literally, just a glance between them is electric. And when they finally have the courage in that moment to finally connect and get that kiss, it's that epic musical moment."

Zendaya, who was in on the interview too, chimed in to say why the kiss meant so much and why it probably deserves to be Zac’s fave smooch.

To see the Zac-approved snog on the big screen, head to the cinema to watch The Greatest Showman when it’s released in Australia on Boxing Day.

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